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NTEU Chapter 164


Headquartered at the Blaine, Washington, Area Port,NTEU 164 has been in existence since 1975, as a chartered entity of the National Treasury Employees Union, originally founded in 1937 by a core group of IRS U S Customs Logoemployees in Wisconsin.  From 1975 until 1997, NTEU 164 represented U.S. Customs employees  in the ports of Blaine, Lynden, Sumas, Bellingham, Point Roberts, Anacortes, Friday Harbor, and Vancouver.  In 1997, the Customs ports in eastern Washington were realigned from Chapter 139 (Seattle) to Chapter 164.  In 1999, Anacortes was realigned to Chapter 139.  In 2007, following the merger  of USCS and INS and PPQ in 2003, NTEU was chosen by the bargaining  unit as the exclusive representative for all bargaining unit members in CBP , excluding the Office of Border Patrol.  In that same year, Chapter 164 assumed representational responsibility for the preclearance port of Victoria, which had previously been an INS-only port, and for IT specialists in Everett and Spokane.


Area of Responsiblity

Chapter 164 is responsible for representing CBP employees assigned to the Canadian border in Washington State, Vancouver, Victoria, maritime ports in the North Puget Sound, and admin/support roles in Marysville, Ferndale, Colville, and Spokane (excluding those employees assigned to Border Patrol Sectors). Overall, Chapter 164 represents over 500 employees.


Past Chapter Presidents

1978 to 1987 Bill Keown
1987 to 1989 Rick Collier
1989 to 1992 Seth Blaylock
1992 to 1994 Alan Ostrander
1994 Merlyn Reinke
1994 to 2000 Greg Johnson
2000 to 2001 John Barnes
2001 to 2002 Barry Clement
2003 to 2010 Greg Johnson