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CBP/NTEU Collective Bargaining Agreement

Updated 11/25/2013

NTEU and CBP have updated the National Collective Bargaining Agreement to incorporate all of the changes that the parties have agreed to since the agreement was implemented in May 2011.  While you have been advised of these changes previously, having all of these changes in one document obviously makes sense. Click here to see a list of the changed or amended sections fo the contract. 

Many of the changes in the agreement were made due to the fact that half of the articles were imposed by the FSIP and, as often when an outside decision-maker is forced to intervene, their solution satisfies neither party.  Other changes were made because both NTEU and CBP determined that the operation of the new contract in practice raised issues that were not anticipated when negotiated.   

Negotiations on a new agreement should begin next year.

To access the updated version of the Collective Bargaining Agreement in .pdf format, click here.

Contract Archive

To access previous versions of the CBA and the negotiated MOUs, click here.