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CBP/NTEU Collective Bargaining Agreement History

The first contract covering Customs and Border Protection employees came into effect in May of 2011. Prior to this, legacy employees were covered by their previous contracts while newly hired CBP employees were covered by no contract at all.

Base Contract

The original contract which went into effect on May 11, 2011, contains 48 separate articles and 6 appendixes. Click here to access a .PDF version of the original contract.

Revision #1

The original contract was revised on June 11, 2012. The revisions were made to Article 16 (Travel) and were implemented to clarify language regarding the meaning of "Official Duty Station". The revision makes clear that an employee's official duty station is the location to which they normally report for work each day. Click here to access a .PDF version of the revised contract.

Contract Related Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)

There have been two MOUs between NTEU and CBP created to address additional issues with the original contract.

  1. The first, issued on December 12, 2012, contains changes to Article 42 (Awards and Recognition). Click here to access a .PDF version of this MOU.
  2. The second, issued on April 1, 2013, contains changes to Article 47 (Equal Employment Opportunity) and the manner in which an EEO complaint is processed. Click here to access a .PDF version of this MOU.
Note: action taken by NTEU Chapter 164 on behalf of a chapter member seeking a reasonable accommodation for a recognized disability was directly responsible for the creation of this second MOU.

In October of 2013, CBP and NTEU Consolidated the above CBAs and MOUs.

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